Eco Woods California

Installing Eco Decking Tiles

Decking Tiles from Eco Woods California Systems
Easy - No Special Tools Required.

Installation couldn't be more simple, with our Eco Decking Tile system. The tiles are laid by aligning the interlocking tabs, just press, click and you're done. You really can receive, install and enjoy your new hardwood deck all in the same day.

Should it be necessary to cut around posts, corners, etc, any average handy man with the basic tools will be able to easily perform such cuts.


In 3 Steps

Step 1 - Prepare the Surface

Eco Woods Decking Tiles can be placed on any hard surface. Just make certain that the surface (concrete, asphalt, gravel, hard dirt) doesn't have any large cracks or uneven areas. If the surface is particularly uneven, you may want to level the surface with some exterior patching compound or filler. On hard dirt surfaces, sand or gravel we recommend first laying a weed control barrier.

Step 2 - Organize the Tile Design

It's easy to create unique patterns, designs and borders by aligning the tiles in different directions or by using a combination of different tile styles. You can sketch your design on paper or click here on our make your own design to use our interactive "Design Tool" to try various design combinations. The possibilities are endless!

Step 3 - Fit the Tiles Together

Start by placing an Eco Woods Decking Tile in the corner of the area that you want to cover and redesign. Align the connecting tabs on the edge of the first tile with the corresponding connecting tabs on the tile that is laid next in sequence. Push the second tile down so that both tiles lock firmly together, then repeat this simple "snap in place" process. working in a diagonal direction. across your entire design.