Special Testimonial from Owner and President of the company Eco Woods California

Efren Alvarez, president of Eco Woods California, says...

"After 29 Years of experience in the construction field as a General Contractor, I have never seen a product that can easily solve one of the most common problems that most of us have in our own back or front yards and that are so costly and messy to repair.... Those terrible looking cracked concrete slabs and worn out wooden patios.

And what about those nice terraces and roof tops with beautiful views, where the floor is the actual roof of a downstairs room? No options there, as nothing can be permanently attached to those decking floors.

Now we are here with our wonderful product, "Eco Decking Tiles" to provide an EASY, FAST and affordable solution without the mess and high cost."

With Best Regards
Efren C Alvarez

Efren C Alvarez

Kensington, CA

We got them on Friday and my 11 year-old daughter and I laid them out today without any issue. I decided to do one additional small area so I just placed an order for 20 more. I've got to get some polished black river rock to border them but then I'll send you some pictures. They were so easy to put down, my child could do it! And they are beautiful and are working really well in the way that we are using them, which is as a stairway landing and patio extension for a hot tub. With the black river rock surrounding them, they will give our hot tub area a very nice zen feel. You guys are top notch in your customer service.


Naya Fresh Spa, in Woodland Hills

Naya Fresh, in Woodland Hills,
awarded as one of the top enviromentally friendly spa's around, features our ecological decking tile.
SPA'S owner and designer.


Redondo Beach, CA

"Thanks to Eco Woods California I lost 573 pounds.......of ugly stone and tile left on the balcony of my townhome by the previous owner.

Best of all, I did it by myself and in less than two hours. I'm so pleased with my new hardwood deck that I am now selling your product and improving the lifestyles and home values of all the grateful people I meet."

Jerry Wolski

San Francisco, CA

"I think it looks great. The deck was old and cracked, now it has a beautiful hardwood look to it. When I saw it on their web site I couldn t tell exactly what it would look like, but now that I see it, it looks better than I thought."

David Michaels


"Thank you Eco Woods California! with your support we earned 1st. place at the 2006 Southern California Fair.,"

Alyssa, David,and Rachel Taylor
Nuview Ranchers 4H