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As IPE becomes scarce you can expect to pay a lot more for it as it’s price keeps going up.

Eco Woods California, the pioneer of this unique product and the creator of the original brand “Eco Decking Tiles”, now introduces to you a new breed of beautiful and exotic Iron Woods as an alternative to IPE. see species here

This amazing tropical lumbers hold the same characteristics as IPE in hardness and durability and they are also naturally resistant to extreme outdoor weather exposure as well as they are resistant to wood eating insects, mold and fungus and they are also non slippery when wet and fire retardant as well.

This beautiful exotic woods now give you an alternative choice, bringing their gorgeous natural beauty and colors to your home for your pleasure and enjoyment for many many years.

Their superior strength and density make these tropical hardwoods virtually resistant to:

· Slippage
· Rot
· Staining
· Splintering
· Water
· Termites and other wood eating bugs.
· Fire retardant, a class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete and steel.
· Extreme weather conditions.

Product Qualities:

· From Sustainable Forest.
· Snap them together, no nails, screws or adhesives required.
· Withstands blistering summers and hard winters.
· With a life span of up to 50 years, if maintained.
· Easy to install, no special tools or complicated instructions.
· Cover or create floor spaces of any shape or size, rearrange, expand, or remove at will.
· Mix and match tiles for unlimited creative design options.

Hardwood Specificacion

· The various Tropical hardwoods used to manufacture our decking tiles are naturally resistant to extreme weather conditions.
· Their remarkable strenght and hardness makes them the number one choice for premium commercial and residential applicationstroughout the USA and worldwide because of their lasting durability and easy maintenance.
· These tropical hardwoods will outlast any of the most popular outdoor lumbers used commonly, such as, red wood, cedar or any other Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) pressure treated material.

Interlocking Base Specifications

· The interlocking base is made out of a high density polypropylene plastic.
· UV stabilized designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
· This base is engineered to withstand up to 3 tons of wight per sq. ft.